Project # 1 – Business Process Re-engineering
Type of Project & Industry Business Analysis / Marine
Objective To resolve business critical accounting & MIS issues
Project Scope / Description To automate key processes & resolve critical MIS issues, Reconciliation & consolidation issues
Role of Firm Domain Expert Audit the accounting & IT support Process Alignment between Accounting team , In-house IT teams & Vendor Team
Outcome The project had been completed in Nov 2015
Project # 2 – Inventory of Hazardous Material
Type of Project & Industry Regulatory Compliance / Marine
Objective To provide online platform to all the stakeholders involved during ship lifecycle for the practical and reasonable formulation and maintenance of IHM in compliance with IMO &/or EU regulations to ensure the safe and environmentally sound ship recycling.
Project Scope / Description To develop application for :
  1. Prepare part I of IHM in compliance with HKC and/or EU requirements.
  2. Develop complete initial IHM
  3. Maintain & update initial IHM over the entire lifecycle of the ship
  4. Develop final IHM
  5. Maintain relevant letters/certificates/documents related to IHM along with IHM in the system
Role of Firm
  1. Design the To be Process as per HK/EU Guidelines
  2. Preparation of Key documents – BRS , FRS, SRS, TDD & Wireframes
  3. Develop the entire software in Microsoft Technology
  4. Deploy the product
Outcome The project had been completed in May 2016
Project # 3 – Project Management
Type of Project & Industry Project Management for Startup venture / Transportation
Objective To make transportation easy for both Service Providers "For Business" and Service Seekers "For better services" by eliminating boundaries and improving overall transportation efficiencies.
Project Scope / Description
  1. To create convenient ,easy-to-use and meeting point through on-line system for transporter and seeker seeking transport service
  2. System is where transporter creates profile and set their operational reach (cities and states where it provides services and his vehicles run ). 
  3. Seeker submits the request for the transport service wherein he mentions the location (to and from) and mode of vehicle if any. Application sends across notifications to transporter , who fits in specified service and location criteria , on seeker request submission. And transporters bid allowing seeker to get the best pricing available.
Role of Firm
  1. Handhold the Entire product development process
  2. Align Technology team and business team
  3. Preparation of Key documents – BRS , SRS, TDD & Wireframes
  4. Audit the software development process
  5. Resolve Critical issues during implementation process
  6. Evaluate services providers
Outcome The project had been completed in March 2016
Project # 4 – Business Process Re-engineering
Type of Project & Industry Business Process Optimization / Marine
Objective The process of online processing of applications received to be made simple and shortened. The process of rectification of Seafarers Data – on an application by seafarer to be made online.
Project Scope / Description
  1. Study and Document the As is Process of Seafarer Cell’s functions
  2. Identify key challenges in the existing process
  3. Propose the To Be Process covering following activities
  4. Identify business rules for to be process
  5. New Process identification & To be process flowcharts
  6. Flow of business information and activities
  7. Functional/ System requirements identification
  8. Reporting requirements
  9. Develop a Prototype (Hosted on a web link)
  10. Develop a document for System requirement with an objective to design and develop the intended software
Role of Firm
  1. Study the Existing Process with various stakeholders “As is”
  2. Designed New Process “To Be”
  3. Preparation of Key Documents BRS, FRS, SRS
  4. Preparation of working prototype to design and develop intended software
Outcome The project had been completed in August 2016
Project # 5 – Project Management
Type of Project & Industry Project Management for Startup venture / Investment Services
Objective To provide an integrated online software solution to investment industry (Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Registered Investment Advisors etc.) and other vendors (Small Prime Brokers, Fund Administrators, Risk Reporting Vendors, Compliance Specialists and Tax Preparers)
Project Scope / Description To Develop entire post trade operations & accounting.
Role of Firm
  1. Project planning & Budgeting
  2. Technology Evaluation
  3. Team Mobilization
  4. Rolling out the execution cycle
  5. Handholding the business and technology team
  6. Training on performing BA & PM work
  7. GAP & Impact Analysis
  8. Recommendation & filling up the gap.
Outcome The project has been completed in January 2017